2011 Fete Panorama

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Video courtesy of Julie Edwards and Alison Rice

Who we are

The Arlington Association is made up of residents of the westerly part of the Arlington Conservation area in Islington, North London. Our area is an unusually peaceful haven in busy Islington, made up of primarily early Victorian houses, wide streets and two garden squares that are open for everyone to enjoy. We are a friendly and welcoming neighbourhood and there are opportunities for everyone to get involved in community events and activities. Everyone who lives within our boundaries is automatically a member of the Association. There is no membership subscription to join.

Our aim

To create a community that knows, cares and looks after each other and the area in which we live; decides what needs doing and gets on with it: Community in Action

What we do

Work towards building a better and safer neighbourhood and a vibrant community spirit through:

  • Organising community events such as our annual Summer Fete in Arlington Square
  • Greening our area through:
    • Actively working with the London Borough of Islington Greenspace Team in the maintenance, improvement and strategy for Arlington Square.
    • By working with community volunteers to maintain the Rees Street Community Garden, plant Tree Gardens and actively look for opportunities to enhance our neighbourhood through planting projects.
  • Supporting local good causes
  • Working with the Police and other organisations to make our neighbourhood a safer place to live
  • Working with the council to help to improve and conserve the look and feel of our neighbourhood
  • Being a coordination point for community action when the need arises
  • Being a voice for the neighbourhood in broader community forums
  • Working with the Council and other bodies on issues that impact our members and neighbourhood
  • Encouraging a neighbourly spirit and having fun as a community
2011 Fete