2011 Fete Panorama

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the garden squares

Within the Arlington Conservation Area we are lucky to have three lovely garden squares, Arlington Square, Union Square and Wilton Square. All of these were first laid out in the mid 1800's when the surrounding houses were build. After World War 2 there were handed over to Islington Council who gave them a makeover in the 1950's and 60's.

Arlington Square

Arlington Square is the largest of the squares and is just under an acre in size. The square has a formal layout with four rose beds and two circular beds in the centre of the square. The square is widely used by the community and in particular families with young children as it is a dog free square. The square is used for the community events organised by the Arlington Association and is the focus of the gardening activities organised by the association, more details on these activities can be found in the Events page.

Union Square

Union Square has recently been given a major makeover thanks to funding made available from the redevelopment of the Packington Estate, the square is now a transformed public space. New railings were installed and all the beds were replanted, new paths and lawns have been laid and there is ample new seating. Union Square allows dogs.

Wilton Square

Whilst not in the area covered by the Arlington Association it is within the conservation area. Wilton Square is the smallest of the three squares and is fortunate to benefit from the care of Friends of Wilton Square (FOWS) who are very active in improving the planting and caring for the square. FOWS also hold events such as an annual Big Lunch. More details on FOWS can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/friendsofwiltonsquare.