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Hello all I am ever so delighted to see such a strong and colourful community. I had some friends residing on Arlington Avenue many years back whom I sadly lost contact with and since I have been abroad for many years. I would love to know if anyone knew the residents of 81-83 Arlington Avenue The Basement Flat only. I visited back in the 90s but I'm unsure if my friends moved on after this period. Thanks so much,!!!

30 Jul. 2017 15:24:03

Hi All, I am a locally based interior designer. If anyone is looking for a helping hand with a project (single area or full refurb) please feel free to get in touch. I offer complete interior architecture and design service – from initial concept through to design drawings, specifications and procurement. I’m not charging for initial meeting. Here’s my website where you can find out more: https://www.dabrovskadesign.co.uk/ Many Thanks, Joanna

25 Jul. 2017 13:23:47

Hi All, I am a locally based interior designer. If anyone is looking for a helping hand with a project (single area or full refurb) please feel free to get in touch. I offer complete interior architecture and design service – from initial concept through to design drawings, specifications and procurement. I’m not charging for initial meeting. Here’s my website where you can find out more: https://www.dabrovskadesign.co.uk/ Many Thanks, Joanna

24 Jul. 2017 19:45:10


Hi neighbours My hot water tank (electric powered) has packed up and needs very urgent replacement. Can anyone please recommend a good plumbing firm who could do this? Very many thanks, Duncan

17 Apr. 2017 13:19:14

Hazel G

Hi Helen, are you still looking? May be able to find you somebody. She currently works in the area and would be free on Wednesday afternoons. Let me know and I will contact her.

30 Jan. 2017 15:36:04


Hello, We are looking for a good cleaner who can manage 4 hours a week. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, Helen

20 Jan. 2017 21:32:50


Can anyone recommend a good sash window repairer?

8 Nov. 2016 15:19:04


Couod anyone recomend an experienced cook or chef to cater a dinner party for 4 or 6

4 Nov. 2016 14:38:27


We are looking to sand and stain the floors in one of our rooms. Does anyone have any recommendations for this? Thank you Ewa

31 Oct. 2016 16:17:31

Hazel G

Many thanks to all those who were interested in giving work to Maria my cleaner. She has now found a new position so not looking for any further work.

28 Sep. 2016 17:44:37


Hello. Recently moved into the area and looking for a piano teacher for the kids and window cleaner for the house. Any help very welcome (Coleman Fields). Thanks. James (jamesmooney100@hotmail.com)

25 Sep. 2016 10:19:16

Georgia fitz

Hello, My name is georgia I am student studying photography at ual and moving into a new home next to Arlington square. Whilst here I am looking for any babysitting, dog walking and photography jobs in this area. Please pass on to any friends and feel free to contact me on georgiafitzgerald@live.co.uk

12 Sep. 2016 10:42:49

Serge OK

Hi Hazel Is your cleaning lady still looking for work? We're on St Paul Street and looking for someone to come in once a week. Please let me know. Thanks. Serge

4 Sep. 2016 00:00:55


Hi, Serge. I have a great cleaner, with me over 15 years, who does my place and next doors' in Rees St. Please let me know if you are still interested. Best Vivien

9 Nov. 2016 12:33:16

Hazel G

My cleaning lady, who is from Madeira is looking for some more work - from four hours to a full day. She is excellent and very reliable, please contact me via the Arlington Association if you need someone. Hazel

19 Jul. 2016 14:26:24

Babysitting - we are looking for a local evening babysitter who wouldn't mind doing the occasional short stretch (e.g. just an hour). We'd be very happy with teenagers if their parents are agreed. We live on Union Square and have two kids under age 4. If you know anyone please email asquithhelen@gmail.com. Thanks

13 Jun. 2016 13:32:20


Hello folks, we are looking for a company to replace and repaint our front door. Any good recommendations? Many thanks indeed.

13 Jun. 2016 10:57:10

Helen A

Babysitting - we are looking for a local evening babysitter who wouldn't mind doing the occasional short stretch (e.g. just an hour). We'd be very happy with teenagers if their parents are agreed. We live on Union Square and have two kids under age 4. If you know anyone please email asquithhelen@gmail.com. Thanks

12 Jun. 2016 09:14:16


I received a hand delivered envelope today with a sample of stone - the hand written note on the envelope says "Portland Stone sample from Jimmy". It's obviously been delivered to the wrong house on Arlington Avenue - let me know if you'd like to claim it.

25 Apr. 2016 18:51:45


I am planning to have remedial work done in the cellar area of my house in Linton Street. However, I really need to understand the causes of the damp/water ingress problems before getting a specialist to quote on a solution. Can anyone recommend a specialist consultant? Thanks

25 Apr. 2016 17:22:45


I'm not in London til next week, but I know a damp specialist who can help you. Can look him up then. I'm in Linton St. too. My tel. is 020 7359 8939. Alternatively we have an architect living in the street who knows our houses well. Also my neighbour had their cellars dry lined successfully.

1 May. 2016 18:52:45


Hello, I would be very interested if you have any luck in locating a specialist or company that can dry proof cellars that stretch under the pavement. We are located on Arlington Avenue and the damp is an issue. Many thanks!

13 Jun. 2016 10:04:27


I'm afraid I have not made any progress. Both contacts seem to have lost interest, ie no longer respond. Note that I was looking for consulting/advice as a first step as I have multiple damp problems. Sorry for the lack of information.

23 Jun. 2016 11:01:51


I am planning to have remedial work done in the cellar area of my house in Linton Street. However, I really need to understand the causes of the damp/water ingress problems before getting a specialist to quote on a solution. Can anyone recommend a specialist consultant? Thanks

25 Apr. 2016 12:09:28


Hi there, I live in Wilton Square and we were thinking of getting a dog. For part of the day, we would need a dog walker or someone who can help with doggy daycare. An alternative idea was to employ a cleaner who could also help with some of this. Does anybody here use any such reliable and trustworthy help for their dogs? thanks

25 Apr. 2016 11:43:31

Hazel G

If you are still looking for a cleaner I know somebody who is excellent and works locally. Just e mail the Arlington Association site and I will pick the message up.

18 Apr. 2016 15:55:23


Wonderful, thanks!! Tom

13 Apr. 2016 08:54:13


Hello there, We also looking to employ a cleaner if anyone has any recommendations? Tom

10 Apr. 2016 13:36:58


We have an amazing cleaner. She is called Kasia and her number is 07872027350

12 Apr. 2016 20:40:39


Hi I moved in to the area a few months ago and am glad to belatedly have found this message board whilst googling for a window cleaner :-) I'm also looking for recommendations for a cleaner so would be really grateful if anyone has details of someone reliable. Kind regards Andrea

17 Mar. 2016 00:01:37


Hi. Per my note replying to Tom, We have an amazing cleaner. She is called Kasia and her number is 07872027350

12 Apr. 2016 20:41:53

Fay Sweet

Hello, we are soon to move into Linton Street.. v excited and looking forward to meeting our neighbours. Just wondering if there's any advice re broadband suppliers and locksmiths please. I'm on 07940 937593 - Fay

14 Mar. 2016 13:52:33

Francesca & Wim

We are looking for a room to rent for our nanny very close or on St Paul Street. If you have any leads or tips, please email us at francescaandwim@gmail.com. Thanks!

20 Jan. 2016 23:33:40


Thank you Lucianne, will pass on the number next time somebody enquires. Hazel

5 Nov. 2015 23:44:54


Hi all, My brother Howard Powell is a window cleaner from HP window cleaning. He is based in St Peter's Street and works on a number of houses in the area. He is very friendly and reliable, very reasonable and does a great job! Please call him on 07956 429 231. Many thanks

30 Oct. 2015 11:38:59


Hi I am looking for any advice on replacing our flat roof. What type of roofing is best - 3 layer felt of single ply? Also any contractors with credible guarantees? thanks for any help Kelly

14 Aug. 2015 17:09:51


Hi all, We are four young professionals living on Arlington Avenue and we absolutely love our house and the community around us, however we have just been told by our landlord that he is going to be selling the house which we are all completely devastated about. We would really love to continue living in the local community, so if anyone has or knows of any four bedroom houses that are coming up for rent in the next few months, we would really love to hear from you, or even individual bedrooms that may be available. Thank you

22 May. 2015 12:32:17

Mal & Shell

Hi neighbours! We have recently moved into number 33. We have seen the recommended tradesmen on this site. If there are any others we would appreciate recommendations of builders/plumbers/plasterwork/sash windows/restoration etc. Also keen to hear and see other peoples experiences with regards to renovation work. Please do stop by and say hello. Mal and Michelle

11 Apr. 2015 18:22:49


Great news Katerina. Best way to contact us in future is through the e mail. Best wishes.

11 Apr. 2015 16:46:57


Does anybody need a house sitter from 29 June to 6 July. Some Australian friends of Dee Austins would like somewhere to stay with their three children, in this area during this time. I will pass on information to her.

9 Apr. 2015 09:14:14


Katerina, Please send an e mail with a photo to arlingtonassociation@hotmail.co.uk plus your contact number and I will circulate to our mailing list.

9 Apr. 2015 09:12:15


Hi Hazel, He's come back!!!! found him after 5 days of being missing, we're so happy and relieved! he was found in Canonbury bless him looks like he's had a fight and perhaps run off a bit too far and then wast sure where he was but thankfully our posters helped and we were able to find him! Thank you for all your help! x

11 Apr. 2015 10:55:07


Hi all! I was advised by a neighbour to try this route as our beloved cat has gone missing :( his name is Timmy he is grey and white with a red collar (with identity tag) and is microchipped but we haven't seen him since sunday and we're very worried! He is very friendly and sweet concerned he is locked in somewhere or has been taken or is lost, local vets and shelters have been notified and there are posters around but if anyone does see or hear anything we would greatly appreciate you letting us know! He is much loved and we miss him terribly! Thanks for your help

8 Apr. 2015 18:42:59


How do I delete messages that are no longer of interest? Thanks, Hazel

2 Apr. 2015 22:38:49


She is still available, please contact me on hazelgfletcher@gmail.com and I will give you her phone number.

25 Feb. 2015 21:35:18

I do, but have to check she is still available. Extremely nice Bulgarian lady. Let me know where you live and I will contact her to see if she is still available. Hazel

25 Feb. 2015 21:12:38


I do, but have to check she is still available. Extremely nice Bulgarian lady. Let me know where you live and I will contact her to see if she is still available. Hazel

25 Feb. 2015 19:48:35


Hi, I'm looking for a good and relieable cleaner to come into my 2 bed apartment 3 hours a week. Has anyone got any recommendations? Thanks

20 Feb. 2015 13:06:44


I heard good reports about a shop in Amwell Street called City Clocks - if it is still there.

12 Feb. 2015 15:39:16

Sarah Lawrence

Hello - I have just moved to the area and am looking for a clock maintenance person. I have a couple of clocks that after a move need to be restarted in there new home. Has anyone got any contacts I have called some companies but no luck so far. Thank you. Sarah

10 Feb. 2015 10:31:24


Hi there, can anyone recommend a builder and carpenter? I have contacted Pureline carpentry listed below, but any other recommendations would be very much appreciated.

2 Feb. 2015 12:36:52


Can anyone recommend a good, reliable cleaner to do 3 hours a week? Thanks

23 Jan. 2015 16:16:25


Hello, Can anyone recommend a garden designer? Many thanks, Ros

8 Jan. 2015 14:30:01


Hi Ros, Paul Thompson who is lead gardener in Arlington Square. His e mail is paulinus100@hotmail.com and telephone number is 0207 359 5366. Hazel

31 Jan. 2015 11:29:55


I am looking for a carpenter to design, build and install and triple bunk-bed and built-in storage for my children's bedroom. Could anyone recommend a carpenter who might be up to the challenge? Thanks, Jane.

4 Jan. 2015 21:34:34


We used Pureline Carpentry for some built in bookcases a few years ago and Antonas and his team were fab, I'm not sure if he does bunk beds but I am sure you would get a sensible answer! http://www.purelinecarpentry.co.uk

8 Jan. 2015 14:28:27


Can anyone tell me how to post this unique picture?

30 Dec. 2014 16:03:50


I lived at No. 33 until 1948 when I was aged 4. We moved to St Paul Street until 1961. My grandparents lived for more years than I can remember at No. 33. After we moved out my aunt and uncle moved in. Their daughter Joan has sent me this picture of St Philips Church which stood on the corner of Arlington Square and Linton Street and was demolished in 1953. Can't add the picture I'll try to figure it out.

30 Dec. 2014 15:44:38


Hi if you send it to arlingtonassociation@hotmail.co.uk I will post

21 Jan. 2015 17:39:59


Should you need a curtain or blind hanger, Frans van der Breggen has just rehung some curtains for me and was fast and efficient and knows the area well. Fransvdb@ntlworld.com or phone 02082074413.

26 Nov. 2014 12:41:51


Hi all, noticed a few users where after a good reliable window cleaner! I can recommend dmp window cleaning. Local and reliable company. www.dmpwindowcleaning.com 07957518822

25 Nov. 2014 21:23:45


Hi Ashley, Are you still in need of somebody, if so I have a few numbers as somebody else was enquiring.If you are can you send your e mail address to me at the arlington association account. Hazel

16 Oct. 2014 17:30:34


Hi, I'm new to the board but not new to the area. I have lived here for quite a while. Hi everyone! I've recently returned to work after maternity leave and I am now I need of a cleaner. The number for Joanne didn't work. Does anyone have an recommendations? Thanks Ashley

1 Oct. 2014 11:29:16


Hi Hazel and Clare and thank you for your welcome. I too am looking for a window cleaner - is James still an option? Also can anyone recommend a good plumber please. Thanks.

30 Sep. 2014 13:05:46


Hi, I see there is a recommendation for a window cleaner here but it was some time ago. Could anybody recommend a good window cleaner for a friend of mine. Thanks.

30 Sep. 2014 13:00:26


Hi Hazel, My brother Howard Powell is a window cleaner from HP window cleaning. He is based in St Peter's Street and works on a number of houses in the area. He is very friendly and reliable chap. Very reasonable and does a great job! Please call him on 07956 429 231. Many thanks

30 Oct. 2015 11:37:54


Hello Serge and welcome. Very common around here. Generally the railings snap as they are so old, we had two stolen from outisde our house in Linton Street too. Hazel

30 Sep. 2014 12:59:32


Welcome Serge. Although it hasn't happened to me, I think two bicycles have been stolen in Prebend Street in the last couple of weeks, again by cutting the railings, one was on Monday morning just before 6am. Anybody else heard of this?

24 Sep. 2014 20:21:46


Hello - we just moved into St Paul Street 3 weeks ago and very excited to be part of such a vibrant community. We're just trying to find our bearings and will certainly tap into the pool of contacts for the various trades that we will be needing so thanks for that. Unfortunately, my husband had his bike stolen from outside our house last week which put a bit of a dampener on things but it was very naively locked to the railings and the culprit just cut three of the spokes to remove the bike. I actually heard the bike being taken off - it was 6:30 in the morning. But by the time we got to the window, they had vanished. Annoying. Just thought I'd make you guys aware. Anyway, hope to meet up with some of you soon.

22 Sep. 2014 09:47:42


Hi Claire, My cleaner isn't looking for any more work at the moment but we had an e mail to the Association from Fedelma who is in St Paul Street who says: My lovely cleaner Joanna is looking for some extra hours, ideally in this area. She works in several houses in this street. Her contact number 0795670626. Hope this is of help. Hazel

7 Mar. 2014 17:30:04


Great, thank you! I will give call a Joanna :)

10 Mar. 2014 11:52:28


We are looking for a builder to do some minor structural work and install a kitchen and flooring. Any recommendations? Thanks, Moreis and Natasha

21 Jan. 2014 14:30:33


Hi - in the contacts page there are a number of builders and general handymen recommended by neighbours

22 Jan. 2014 14:17:28


On Friday 10th January our house on St Paul Street was burgled by a man purporting to be a window cleaner. He gained access to the house by convincing our cleaner whilst we were out at work that he had arranged this with me and had done sufficient research to know my name to make the con more convincing. The man was white, English, in his 30s, of slim build and him and his accomplice carried a ladder and window cleaning equipment. He got away with an iPad, a lot of jewellery and some foreign currency. You may wish to warn cleaners, tradespeople or anyone else who might be in your home whilst you're not there.

12 Jan. 2014 11:33:53


Sorry to hear that Amanda, thanks for letting us know, I have emailed a warning to our distribution list.

12 Jan. 2014 18:21:32


I am sorry to hear this is happening again - there was a similar con a couple of years agao. Please let me know where you reported the theft too. Gordon has e mailed the SNT, hopefully they will also make people aware. Hazel

13 Jan. 2014 13:23:11


Thanks for your messages. We reported it to Islington police who are currently investigating it. They seemed to have a fair idea of who the culprit might be. I will report back if there is any progress.

13 Jan. 2014 14:01:03


Hello. I wonder if anyone could recommend a gardener who would be able to lay a new lawn and basic pathway in our garden. Nothing fancy. Many thanks, Madeline

1 Jan. 2014 16:51:31


Hi Madeline Paul who leads on the community gardening in the square has just set-up his own gardening business. See www.paulthompsonmcarthur.com W Will let him know you are looking for gardening help.

9 Jan. 2014 15:09:17

paul thompson-mcarthur

Hi Madeline, I'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your gardening needs. You can contact me on 07762 269 124. Best wishes Paul

10 Jan. 2014 20:06:15


Hello everyone, I am a sensible and reliable 16 year old student, currently studying for GCSEs and living in the Arlington conservation area. I am available for babysitting (mainly at the weekends). Please contact my Dad Martin for further information on 07768734251.

22 Dec. 2013 11:27:29


Hello. I'm looking for a qualified electrician and general handyman (pref. one and the same). Can anyone recommend such a paragon?

18 Nov. 2013 18:36:53


David, you could try Mike Gross who has done a lot of work for neighbours in Rees Street. You can get him on 07775785681, do mention you got to him via AA

20 Nov. 2013 11:00:40


Anyone looking for a general builder? I have had work done by Bradley Morrison which was fine. He is on 07507064396.

13 Nov. 2013 07:37:04


Beginners conversational Italian lessons. Hello. I have recently moved to Arlington Avenue and would loved to get more involved with the community. I am half Italian and speak the language fluently as I spent most of my life between Italy and the Italian canton of Switzerland. I would love to help you with any aspect of conversational Italian language. I can improve your skills and confidence to: express yourself and have conversations in Italian, pronounce Italian correctly I am happy to give you a free 30 minute meeting for you to meet me and to discuss your requirements. Please contact me to book a session, or if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you! Simon. P.S. My email is info@simonjdavid.com

11 Nov. 2013 13:42:39


Hello Everyone - Tomorrow is Halloween and lots of our children will be knocking at your doors dressed as witches, wizards and ghouls crying out 'trick or treat!' at which point you're supposed to say 'treat' and offer up lots of sweeties. If you are friendly and open to joining in could you leave you shutters open and put a pumpkin (or something Halloween) in the window so that we know who's door to try? Best wishes, Kathleen

30 Oct. 2013 14:17:42


Can anyone recommend a local company or person to steam clean carpets and upholstery?

30 Oct. 2013 13:51:14


Hi, We've just moved in to the area and were wondering whether anyone has any information on what the original interiors of the houses were like - what style were the original front doors/fire-places/skirting boards/cornices etc? If anyone knows anything it would be great to hear from you. Great site by the way :-) Thanks, Andrew

2 Oct. 2013 10:20:01


We have two original fireplaces in the bedrooms, which we uncovered when we did renovation works two years ago. I could email you photos. We also have the original cornicing in two rooms. In the hall there is egg and dart moulded cornices. The original tiled fire surrounds/mantelpieces have gone, although we found a few bits of broken tile, so I have a good idea of what they looked like - approx 4x4 inch, plain glazed in a sort of porphyria purple colour.

30 Oct. 2013 13:50:08


Does anybody need a cleaning lady. Mine is excellent and currently works for several people in this area. She will be free in November for one day a week or two half days.

27 Sep. 2013 17:05:39


Hi Hazel, Is your cleaning lady still available? We're struggling to find a good cleaner. We require a cleaner to come by fortnightly for several hours. We pay £10 an hour. Many thanks, Claire

7 Mar. 2014 16:07:31


Hi, i need an electrian asap...to do a very small job (for TV), rewire a lamp base that I bought in France and make it compliant with British Safety Standards. Does anyone know of one? Thanks, Kelly

25 Sep. 2013 17:53:27


Hello, could anyone recommend a good all-round builder who could sort out damp problems plus other general work. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions. Catherine

23 Sep. 2013 22:50:08

Francesca and Wim

We are looking to rent a garage for a car close to St Paul Street or Arlington Square. If you have any leads or tips, please email us at francescaandwim@gmail.com. Many thanks.

17 Sep. 2013 16:45:15


A friend of mine is looking for a room to rent for six months from beginning of October. She is in her sixties and generally winters in Goa but has to be in England for work this winter. She would also be prepared to house sit/cat sit.

20 Aug. 2013 10:46:46


Is anyone else concerned about the level of noise that is being generated by the pub? Abused last night when asked people to "remove themselves" off my step. Only to be greeted this morning with broken glass and vomit! Lovely start to the weekend. Concerned that more tables appear outside all the time and music is blaring with disregard for residents.

17 Aug. 2013 10:20:56


Congratulations on the video , it is a fabulous achievement and shows how much hard work and passion has elevated our square ... Which is why I was saddened to see the note about vandals destroying planting . I fear that unwelcome visitors from further afield are using the square as a general park . I have seen kids running through flower beds and climbing trees with their parents approval .... And there seem to be more children's parties with heightened noise levels now - what is the general view on kids parties , can anyone just pitch up and have a party? special

30 Jul. 2013 12:39:27


Thanks for the feedback. The square is a public space and as such people are free to use it as they wish (within any rules the council establish). People often do take the trouble to email and say they will be holding a party and promise to behave and leave it as they found it. Generally I must say in my experience people are very good at clearing-up when they have a party. I would hope all users do their best to respect the square and the work of the volunteers who have done so much to make it the asset it is today.

6 Aug. 2013 13:58:01


My British Shorthair Blue cat named Jade went missing during the evening of 3 July, last seen at about 9.00pm in our garden 61 Arlington Ave. She's 8 yrs old, her fur is all-over-grey colour and she has amber colour eyes. No cat collar but micro chipped. If anyone sees her could they please contact me? I would be VERY grateful. Tel 0207 226 5267. Many Thanks.

4 Jul. 2013 19:30:26


Hi I have recently started teaching a pilates class at the Arc Centre, 98b St Paul Street, N1 7DF. The class currently runs on tuesday evenings from 8-9pm and is suitable for all levels. If anyone is interested in coming along, please do email me or call on victoria_baillie@btinternet.com / 07711255613 for further details / to book a class. I look forward to having you join our friendly class! Victoria

26 Jun. 2013 11:36:29

Emma E-S

Hi, can anyone recommend a carpet fitter? We potentially have the carpet, just need someone keen to do the job... Many thanks.

21 Jun. 2013 18:08:07


Goes anyone need the skills of a talented writer and editor? Need the money for gin.

12 Jun. 2013 08:25:08

paul and simon

Can anyone recommend a window cleaner? Thanks Paul

7 Jun. 2013 14:39:05


James on 07932 697 926. Really good prices and cleaned them really well

9 Jun. 2013 18:22:54


Thank you! James did a great job - will use him again.

18 Jun. 2013 09:50:42


Hello - Can anyone recommend a damp proof contractor? Big thanks, Kathleen (Rees Street)

7 Jun. 2013 10:35:29

Linton Street

Hi! We are looking for someone to help with our lovely children - a girl aged 7 and a boy aged 3. Their nanny is on maternity leave and we need someone local to do some childcare - picking up from nursery and school, occasional babysitting. On a flexible basis, as we don't always work full-time. We wondered if there might be anyone local who might want to help (We'd pay £10 per hour). Any gender or age would be OK if it was the right person, but we'd love a local "granny" figure ideally. They are really well-behaved, charming and would bring great joy to your life! Email kidshelp@outlook.com. Thanks!

6 Jun. 2013 19:14:18


A house on Coleman Fields has just been burgled. The intruders smashed in the entire lower piece of the basement sash window. It really looks as if it was quite a violent entry. DOES ANYONE HAVE CONTACT DETAILS FOR PAUL AND SIMON who live there (two lovely neighbours who are often seen about walking their dogs)? The police are trying to get in touch with them

31 May. 2013 12:34:41


hi next month my husband will be celebrating 25 years free of cancer - he had leukaemia when he was 14. To raise money and awareness for leukaemia research, he is doing a bike ride, cycling 25 counties in 7 days. 80 miles a day. He is trying to raise £10,000 in all and has a great website www.25years25counties.co.uk. You are more than welcome to join him on the bike ride! but please help him hit his target of 10k. many thanks

8 May. 2013 17:30:03


Hi, Can anyone recommend someone to repair/strip our window sills & frames and repaint them? Thank you Anneka

6 May. 2013 22:47:00


Anneka - Are you still looking for someone? - I can ask our neighbour who got their windows done by a local company just recently and seemend to do a good job

20 May. 2013 15:53:55


Details are Archie Campbell Phone number 0800 689 0166 http://www.sashwindow-repairs.com

21 May. 2013 09:12:39


HI Gordon. Thanks for this. I will give them a call. Much appreciated Kind Regards Anneka

23 May. 2013 18:55:48

Jacqueline Simcox

Julie - I don't know if you still need a wall builder? My neighbours employed a v. friendly, efficient firm, who did a beautiful job with the old bricks and some new - no idea of cost as neighbours paid as it was their wall. Gordon has my tel. no. - Let me know. Jacqueline

13 Apr. 2013 19:24:21


Hi, I have a very nice young French friend, recently arrived from Bordeau and working in the City. She is in her late 20s and is looking for a flat / house share in the area. Does anyone know of anything that may be suitable?

15 Mar. 2013 18:48:56


Hello. Can anyone recommend a local tree surgeon? Many thanks.

16 Feb. 2013 17:51:49


Sarah, Would suggest you make contact with James Hewson who lives on Arlington Square, you can email him at james@mountainwise.co.uk

20 Feb. 2013 07:28:39


Hello out there. Does anyone know of a reliable builder to rebuild our collapsed garden wall? Many thanks.

24 Jan. 2013 17:39:29


My venerable black sit-up-and-beg lady's bicycle, a companion for 50 years, was stolen from 47 Linton Street on Thurs. 27 September. It hasn't got a chaincase. The pedals have a small stamp, "Utility". I'd be very grateful for sharp eyes.

8 Oct. 2012 16:57:53


Just wondering if any residents are as concerned as we are about the constant influx of learner drivers - it has become intolerable. Had fractious conversations with one teacher today who says he will get a friend to slash our car ! How co we deal with that?

22 Aug. 2012 21:08:59


I do share your frustration, but I cannot think of any legitimate reason why they are not allowed to do what they do. However, being threatened is unacceptable and would suggest you report the person to the Police if you have their registration/company name. Perhaps have a word with the Safer Neighbourhoods Team at the Fete.

30 Aug. 2012 19:45:14


Congratulations on the website. It is so informative and thank you to all concerned re the Anti Social letter. I got the usual verbal when I challenged the group at 5am last weekend .Did not want to go out and confront them in my nightie !! Really appreciate your hard work !

21 Aug. 2012 19:44:35


Many thanks - it is good to get positive feedback and will pass it on to Jeffrey and Alison who do such a great job withthe Arlingtonian.

30 Aug. 2012 19:47:40


My bike (George) was stolen on the night of 08 August on Linton Street. It was chained to the railings outside my house. Whilst I realise the chance of being reunited with him are slim, I would appreciate any information which I can add to my police statement. It is a black State Bike Company fixed wheel bike with bull horn handlebars and significant scratching to the upper part of the down tube. Thank you

9 Aug. 2012 10:39:20


Hi, I just wondered if anybody was aware of the fact that Hyde Housing Association are refusing to let one of the D1 properties out to the drama group which runs in Packington Square? This is a valuable community project which allows children and adults alike a creative outlet, the group runs every night and at the weekends too? Where will these young people go once this project is shut down? Will it cause more anti social behaviour in our area? and why are they not being allowed to rent one of the empty units???

26 Jun. 2012 17:57:44


Arlingtons on TV: If you caught any of the new Sky Altantic series Walking and Talking based on Kathy Burkes childhood experiences last night you will see some great footage of the square and streets in the surrounding area devoid of modern cars. Not one for the kids I am afraid but interesting viewing for the locals, also available via Sky Anytime if you missed it.

26 Jun. 2012 10:04:45


My tortoise shell cat Tiger went missing during the night of 27 May. If anyone sees her could they please let me know. I live at 39 Linton street tel 0207 226 5227. And thanks to all those who have made the square look so beautiful.

28 May. 2012 19:27:31


Vanessa Hopefully your cat has been found - do let us know if it turns up and will keep an eye out.

31 May. 2012 08:48:03


We are looking for a (local) builder/decorator to do some work in the house. Any ideas?

22 May. 2012 11:50:19


I know Geoff and Justin have used Andy for painting, he is located on the corner of Arlington Avenue and New North Road. Builders I have no clue about other than lots of people seem to use Deans but have no personal experience of them.

25 May. 2012 16:02:12


Thanks, Gordon. I will speak to them when we get back from France next week. See you on the 4th June, if not before. Cheers, Arthur

26 May. 2012 13:46:29


We are now planning the Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch for Monday 4th June from 1pm to 5pm. What would people suggest we do to make the event a real success?

25 Apr. 2012 07:50:01


Brilliant new website - Congratulations and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for doing this!

27 Mar. 2012 11:43:07


Welcome to the Arlington Association bulletin board!

22 Mar. 2012 12:55:30